Planning Committees

  • Promotion & Marketing
    Will work to create a positive image for the downtown Dover area by promoting the downtown area as an exciting place to live, visit, work, shop and invest.

  • Design & Renovations
    Will work to improve the appearance of the downtown Dover area and to educate the public and private sector about good design principles and the value of historical and cultural preservation.

  • Parking & Safety
    Will work to develop parking in the downtown Dover area and provide oversight over the parking lots owned and/or managed by the Corporation.

  • Organization
    Will work to encourage cooperation and leadership building in the business community. This committee will also implement a systematic process to raise funds for the Corporation’s programs, projects and general operating fund.

  • Economic Development
    Will work to rebuild and diversify the downtown Dover area’s economy. Strategic purchases, development and Redevelopment enhancements to the area will be Key to success!