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Busking in Downtown Dover

To Sign up, visit:

We invite musicians, visual and performing artists to "busk" in downtown Dover.   The program will be piloted on the Library and First blocks of Loockerman Street, and State Street adjacent to Loockerman, and is anticipated to expand.  In the near future, there will be a logo at each site where performers are encouraged to locate.

NOTE: While busking is not limited to the timeframes or locations in the Sign Up website, we ask that buskers sign up for the date and location in which they plan to play, if it is part of a currently specified timeframe. (Currently have sign-up opportunities for the 11:30-1:30, Wednesday – Friday timeframe, through June.)  A "SignUp" confirmation from this site (via your email) will take priority over someone showing up on site without a SignUp confirmation to perform. There are plenty of places to play, so simply move to another site. 

If you sign up and then find you are unable to play as intended, please remove yourself from, or reassign, your committed time-frame so that someone else can play. 

And remember… have FUN!


Purpose:  Bring music/arts by community members to Loockerman and adjacent streets in Downtown Dover to enrich cultural opportunities throughout the day, and as a “placemaking” tool, to create a playful and lighthearted environment.

Target Times/Hours:  

  • During special events, such as Capital City Farmers Market days, First Fridays, parades, and days of events/activities.
  • Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday weekly from 11:30am - 1:30pm and 4pm - 6pm.
  • Saturdays and Sundays between the hours of 10am and 3 pm.

Who can participate:

  • Community members such as artists, musicians, literary (readers), dancers, etc.


  1. Inappropriate acts, music, or readings (no foul language or dress).
  2. While a "tip jar" or open musical instrument is anticipated, there can be no requesting of money from patrons.
  3. Policies and procedures may change from time to time. Updated information may be found on

Locations:  Identified by a common icon found on the sidewalk (above) to represent arts/music, etc. in pre-selected locations. We anticipate at least five of these to be in place by/before June 30, 2019.  See below for approved locations. These locations have been approved by property/business owner and allows sufficient room for pedestrian throughway on sidewalks. See below for current locations:


BLOCK 1 - Library & City Hall block

  • PNC Bank near fountain

  • House of Coffi

  • Park Greene Galleries/Delaware Store

  • Grey Fox Grille & Public House


BLOCK 2 –State to S. Bradford

  • Dover Art League

  • Forney’s Too


BLOCK 3 – S. Bradford to S. Governor's

  • Cendel Building (at corner of Loockerman & S. Bradford)


Read more about this new program here!

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