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Mission & Values

The Downtown Dover Partnership is committed to driving an improved quality of life for the residents and visitors of Dover, Delaware, through collective collaboration, economic development and promotion of downtown Dover’s unique historic properties.

Our Vision

Downtown Dover Partnership’s vision is to have an increasingly vibrant and thriving downtown and a cultural, tourist and retail destination for the region.   People of all ages will fill downtown to visit museums and cultural attractions, have a nice meal, shop at unique retail stores, and enjoy numerous, varied and playful things to do, both inside and outdoors.

Downtown would be enhanced as a mixed-use area, which includes:

  • Restaurants - varied, not chain, lunch and evening, outdoor cafes
  • Retail shops - varied, unusual, high quality, range of prices
  • The arts, entertainment, and nightlife
  • Professional offices
  • Government facilities - including a regional library and the post office
  • Housing
  • Convenience businesses serving residents and workers of Downtown
  • Activities for kids
  • Convenient parking - and "interesting" things in between parking areas
  • A hotel
  • Education and
  • Outdoor space

Downtown's mixture of uses would appeal to and attract a variety of users, including:

  • Residents - of Downtown, Dover, and the County
  • Downtown workers
  • Students
  • Area tourists
  • Route 13 shoppers
  • Kids, families, and seniors and
  • People of all cultures

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