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Parking Updates for 2021

Parking Survey Results 2021

After years of study, the Downtown Dover Partnership (DDP) announced that they have partnered with Colonial Parking to develop a Downtown Dover parking management plan at their November 2020 Parking Committee meeting. During the p ast several months the DDP Colonial Team heard from a variety of stakeholders about their thoughts regarding parking in Downtown Dover. In order to gather as much information as possible, the team launched a survey in March 2021. The survey asked about parking behaviors, parking conditions and ideas for future improvements to parking in Downtown Dover. Below are the initial findings of the survey based on 123 respondents.

While some may argue that the City has sufficient space today, it is not a reasonable description for Downtown Dover in the future, given - and as a precursor to - anticipated reinvestment and redevelopment.  Let’s be proactive in designing the solution now.

Purpose: The Downtown Dover Partnership (DDP) is seeking to develop cost-effective and efficient solutions to enhance parking capacity and capabilities throughout the commercial core of the City of Dover that stimulate community and economic development and improve parking services, convenience and efficiency to parking users in the downtown business area.

Process: Consistent with the business retention, expansion and recruitment components integral to the economic development mission of the DDP, the DDP has launched the development (planning) phase of a holistic, downtown parking solution. This is a public process.

The Solution:  The solution derived through this public process will likely combine paid parking, additional spaces, flexible hours of enforcement, a free parking component, and possibly even amenities such as electric charging stations for a growing number of electric vehicle users.  The resulting solution will create more turnover and parking availability in the high traffic areas (Loockerman Street and adjacent streets), which will provide more parking options for customers, visitors, and guests to Downtown Dover.  Further, it will combine “smart” technology with cash/credit card options – in other words, it will be a user-friendly system.

Meeting Information

The public is invited and encouraged to participate in the development of the parking solution.

Parking Committee Meeting Minutes:

Referenced Articles:

February Meeting Video


In the News

Project Updates
For project updates, return periodically to this site:


  • The Loockerman Way Lot (Behind the Santa House) is a metered-only lot. Meters are not on at present.  Resume date is to be determined.
  • The Bradford/Minor Lot is part metered and part permit parking. You must have a parking permit unless you are using metered parking in this lot.
  • The Governors Ave Lot is parking by permit and you must have a parking pass.  There is also FREE 2-hour parking in this lot.
  • The on-street parking is currently FREE 2-hour parking for customers.  Please note that we must keep this open for customer parking only.
  • There is no public parking in the North Street Lot.  This is a private parking lot and as such, it is not managed by the DDP.


  • Downtown Dover’s parking lots are well-lit.
  • All parking lots and on street parking is FREE on Weekdays 5pm through 7am, and all day/night on weekends.
  • ADA spaces (handicapped parking) in all lots are FREE and for appropriate tag-holders ONLY.
  • Please note that the parking meter accepts credit cards, dollar bills and change.
  • If you need to purchase a parking pass, experience any issues with the meters, or have questions, please call the DDP office at 302-678-2940.
  • See something?  Say something!  Please contact the Dover PD non-emergency at 302-736-7111. The Dover PD is also available for escorts.

Metered Parking

  • $0.25 per hour
  • $1.00 all day

Parking Permits

  • Daily - $3.00
  • Monthly - $30.00
  • Annually - $240.00


For further information regarding permits please contact:

Downtown Dover Partnership
Phone: 302-678-2940

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