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Parking Updates for 2020


With a new year starting we will be implementing new parking changes for 2020. I know this may be uncomfortable for some; however please know we are doing our best to adjust with all the changes as we grow here in Downtown Dover! We ask that you all bear with us as we go through the current and future changes and know that we are working with the City to bring about a solution and create plenty of parking downtown, so that we can continue to grow and attract future economic development projects.

At this point we ask that you help us spread the word and relay this to everyone you know who works, shops, eats and explores here in Downtown Dover as we want to make this a smooth transition for everyone. Below is the list of changes that will take place starting on 1/2/19.  We know many people will perhaps forget, and some people will need time to become aware and get use to the changes. With this said, please note that we will be having a grace period from 1/2/19-1/18/19, where we will be giving out gentle reminders every day to violators and inform them of the new changes and then on 1/21/19 we will start enforcing the parking rules and regulations to violators by giving out tickets. In the future we will be looking at other enforcement measures if necessary!

  • The Loockerman Way Lot (Behind the Santa House) will be a metered only lot! The lot will be FREE until 1/20/19, as we transition and then on 1/21/19 the metered rates will go into effect.
  • The Bradford/Minor Lot will be completely permit parking only and you must have a Blue parking pass to park in this lot! There will no longer be metered parking, FREE 2-hour parking or 15-minute parking in this lot!
  • The Governors Ave Lot is parking by permit and you must have a Yellow Parking pass, there is also FREE 2-hour parking in this lot
  • The on-street parking will currently remain FREE 2-hour parking ONLY and please note we must keep this open for customer parking only!
  • There is no public parking in the North Street Lot as this is now a private parking lot and not longer managed by the DDP!

Here are a few reminders/updates:

  • New lighting has been installed in the Braford/Minor Lot and the Loockerman Way Lot.
  • We are in the process of installing new lighting in the Governors Ave Lot.
  • All parking lots and on street parking is Free on Weekdays after 5pm up until 7am and then all day/night on weekends.
  • ADA spaces (handicapped parking) in all lots is FREE and open to appropriate tag holders ONLY
  • If you ever feel unsafe, see something unusual or need an escort in the evening hours, please contact the Dover PD non-emergency number at 302-736-7111.
  • If you need to purchase a parking pass, please visit City Hall at 15 Loockerman Plaza
  • Please note that the parking meter accepts; credit cards, dollar bills and change.
  • If you experience any issues with the meters or have any questions, please call the DDP office at 678-2940.

Parking Lot Space Allocations

  • Bradford Street Lot - 111 Spaces
    • Permit Parking: 72 Spaces
    • Meter Parking: 22 Spaces
    • 2 Hour Parking: 10 Spaces
    • 15 Minute Parking: 1 Space
    • ADA Parking: 5 Spaces
  • North Street Lot - 183 Spaces
    • Permit Parking: 166 Spaces
    • Apartment Parking: 12 Spaces
    • ADA Parking: 5 Spaces
  • Minor Street Lot - 8 Spaces
    • Permit Parking 8 Spaces
  • Loockerman Way Lot - 35 Spaces
    • Permit Parking: 33 Spaces
    • ADA Parking: 2 Spaces
  • Governors Avenue Lot - 103 Spaces
    • Permit Parking: 42 Spaces
    • 2 Hour Parking: 10 Spaces
    • Tenant Parking: 49
    • ADA Parking: 2 Spaces

Metered Parking

  • $0.25 per hour
  • $1.00 all day

Parking Permits

  • Daily - $3.00
  • Monthly - $22.00
  • Annually - $240.00

Parking permits are available at the City of Dover Customer Service office located at 15 Loockerman Way.


For further information regarding permits please contact:

Downtown Dover Partnership
Phone: 302-678-2940

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