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Downtown Dover DelawareWe would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website and familiarize yourself with our Historic Downtown Dover District. If you are a prospect or existing business person the website will attempt to provide you with most of the information you will need in considering downtown Dover as a potential location for your business.

If you are just a visitor or community member the website will make an effort to inform you of all the programs, events and family-fun special activities occurring within the downtown district. READ MORE

It's Happening in Downtown Dover!

  • Public and private partners coming together to make it happen
  • New investment by young, successful entrepreneurs in Dover’s historic commercial district.
  • Well-established businesses are now being complemented by a mix of newer retailers, and service providers.

Development has taken place, layered incentives are now available – a package of incentives that rival any city in the region, and new partners are sharing a vision in leading downtown Dover toward its best and highest potential.

We invite you to BE PART OF IT ALL because It’s Happening in DOWNTOWN DOVER!

There’s more underway. There’s more to come.

Development of Downtown Dover Parking Solution

In November 2020 the Downtown Dover Partnership (DDP) announced a partnership with Colonial Parking Inc. to develop a comprehensive downtown Dover parking management plan.  Since then, members of the DDP Parking Committee and representatives of Colonial Parking Inc. have collaborated on development of the parking solution.  The public has been engaged  in meetings that have included presentations and discussions of best practices from around the nation.  In March 2021, a comprehensive survey to the public received responses from 300 participants. The survey asked about parking behaviors, parking conditions and ideas for future improvements to parking in Downtown Dover. In August of 2021, a public Open House provided opportunity for the community to attend, learn more, and provide feedback on development of the comprehensive parking solution. For information on the development process, as well as progress to date, see the link below:

Request for Proposal
Downtown Dover Strategic Master Plan

The Downtown Dover Partnership (DDP), working in concert with the City of Dover and multiple public and non-profit agencies, is seeking an experienced, dynamic, and diverse professional planning consultant team to develop a Strategic Master Plan for the downtown and closely surrounding neighborhood area within the City of Dover, Delaware. The target area is designated as a Downtown Development District and also as an Opportunity Zone, indicating that this is the high priority target area for redevelopment and reinvestment.